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Dear All,

CV. Furniture KembangDjati introduce ourselves as designers and manufacturers of furniture or furniture makers. Orders, made by order. We offer kinds of office furniture for office, which is called the cubical/cubicle workstation (desk with partition, or office cubicle) that is currently the trend of office furniture interiors. Cubical desk workstation is a partially enclosed by a bulkhead. Workspace between the employee with another employee separated by partitions. High partition usually 105 cm to 160 cm. The goal is to isolate office workers from the sights and sounds of an open workspace, in order to allow workers to get more privacy and space that automatically helps them to concentrate on work without interruption.

The study and practice in the field say that people will be more productive in their area and get more privacy. The basic concept of cubical systems are "back-up", which is a vertical space of two or three sides of which are defined as their territory and provide privacy without inhibiting the ability to view or participate in activities or socializing around it. Office room using a cubical system compatible with the present era. Workstations cubical modular specification of our production is as follows:

It is an honor for us if we are able to produce work that will be used in the office or place of business of our customers.

Thus our letter of offer

PS: The price listed, is the average price per square meter or per linear meter

Office : Jl. Soekarno Hatta No. 1, Tlogosari Semarang

Thank you for your attention.


Rizad Ghofar


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Office Cubicle Workstation KnockDown

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