Pompa ASI Real Bubee Elektrik Ganda ( Rechargeable )
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Name:Real Bubee Electric Breast pump

Mode:Three mode

1. Massage Mode

2. Breast sucking mode

3. Bionic sucking mode

Charging time:2 hours

Usage time: About 0.5 hours

Packaging size:20*19*11 cm

Carton size: 56*41*42 cm

1. Before sucking, warm the breast with the fumigated towel, and massage to stimulate the areola, so as to fully expand the breast;

2. According to their own conditions of suction, sucking;

3. The principle of sucking milk is about 8 minutes

4. Stop sucking when you have pain in your breasts and nipples.

How to suck milk

1. Choose a leisure time that you will not be disturbed;

2. Let the baby lie beside you, or put a picture of the baby beside you, which will help the mother relax and suck milk;

3. Apply hot towel to your breast for a few minutes before sucking, which is good for milk outflow and can reduce pain;

4. The gentle and relaxed state is conducive to the outflow of milk. You can try to suck milk after bathing;

5. When the baby is sucking, use a breast suction device on the other side of the breast, or use a breast suction device after the baby finishes eating;

6. the position of the breast suction device can be changed frequently to stimulate the breast;

7. practice using the breast pump until you find the most suitable way, but when using the breast pump causes you pain, stop it immediately and consult your doctor.

Rp 330.000

Pompa ASI Real Bubee Elektrik Ganda ( Rechargeable )

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