Waistcoat puberty woman, fringed 3 piles is white. 0
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Price= USA 5,81

Condition= second/ trace. Ever to wear= 2 times. Remainder can to wear= 90%.

Trade mark= I love color 'box'. Symbol size= L. Weight= 150gram. Colour= white.

Photography-1= waistcoat that the girl weared this, not the clotch that I'm sell. But model is same as (fringed). Is so sweet???

Photography-2= front part. Photography-3= button.

Photography-4= to open at front part middle with= 6 each button are bend= square/ box. That colour is shine white. The buttons have not are lost.

Photography-5= waistcoat collar. Photography-6+ 7= arm-pit have not are torn+ have not textile patches.

Photography-8= back.

Size waistcoat:

`````` ```````````````

Arm-pit circle= 51cm. Bust= 88cm. Waist circle= 98cm. Waistcoat high= 60cm.

Textile= 100% cotton. Made in= Indonesia state. Sleveeless shirt.

The clotch is conditions= clean, smooth + not ill smelling (because had washed before make this photography).


Perumahan Budi Indah

Jl. Bromo Blok G2 No. 2 RT.04 RW.07 Kel. Porisgaga, Kec. Batuceper. Daan Mogot KM.18 Tangerang Kota-15122. Provinsi: Banten, Jawa Barat.



If you have not measure tool of body (= centimetre) that can to roll, you can use rafia tail/plastic tail or hair tape 1 (one) metre. After to measured on body, give a signal/ mark by isolation...then to measure on long ruler of 30cm/50 centimetre.

Cash On Delivery, can to do at: ````````````````````````` ```````````````````

1. My house.

2. Indomaret Mini Market of Budi Indah housing, Tangerang.

3. Tangerang City Mall, Tangerang.

4. Canteen of University Multimedia Nusantara, Serpong.

5. Daan Mogot Mall, West Jakarta.

6. Ramayana Department Store, Cengkareng.

7. Taman Palm Mall, Cengkareng.

8. Canteen of Trisakti University at faculty of dentistry medical, Grogol.

9. Station of electric rail way train of Jakarta Kota (Beos), West Jakarta.

10. Food Hall of Beach beautiful Capok Avenue, North Jakarta.

Rp 81.250

Waistcoat puberty woman, fringed 3 piles is white.

Tangerang, Tangerang Kota, Banten
9 Nov
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